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Plaintiff-Only Planning & Protection

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What is Plaintiff-Only?

As a plaintiff-only firm, Paramount represents the interests of injury victims, their families, and their attorneys – not the defense and carrier’s interests. This advocacy is practiced in every way, relying on the plaintiff’s needs and goals as the bedrock of their unique settlement protection plan.

Our team of experienced former trial lawyers, licensed financial advisors, and industry professionals helps create a secure financial future for plaintiffs.

Since 2003, we have been providing tailored, strategic settlement planning, individualized to the needs of the plaintiff.

Let Us Help You Prepare, Protect, and Preserve Your Settlement

Every day our experienced advisors help injury victims, and their attorneys develop settlement protection plans that can help provide income for the plaintiff’s future needs, medical expenses, home care needs, and lifelong financial goals.



During our intake process, we will conduct an in-depth Needs Assessment to help determine the best way to move forward in protecting your case proceeds.



We offer a host of options to protect plaintiffs’ process and the attorney’s practice, including structured settlements, mediation support, asset protection, lien resolution, Medicare set-aside solutions.



Our mission is to assist plaintiffs in securing long-term financial security from the proceeds of their case and guiding them from litigation to living.

Attorney Services We Offer

We can assist at nearly every stage of litigation to help strengthen your position during mediation, case valuations, CPLR §50A and §50B judgment projections (New York), clear pre-settlement hurdles, and provide fee structuring services.


Mediation Support

Paramount’s inclusion at the mediation table allows you to strengthen and verify your damages and the defendant’s exposure position by illustrating real-time economic projections, jury verdict reports, and WC Cost of Litigation offset projections.


Lien Resolution & MSA Services

We have a dedicated lien resolution and Medicare set-aside partner, Precision Resolution, LLC. Through successful challenges of purported lien amounts, Precision has put over $150 million back into the pockets of plaintiffs.


Attorney Fee Deferral Solutions

Fee structuring and other solutions allow attorneys to maximize the value of their fee and can provide guaranteed tax-deferred future income. Our fee deferral solutions can help attorneys avoid a higher tax bracket, while also being used as a foundation for retirement and legacy planning.


Trust Services & Market Investments

We can guide you through creating risk-appropriate financial plans that preserve your assets and enable you to make profitable market investments.


Retirement & Legacy Planning

One of the greatest benefits of our fee structure services is that they can help attorneys create and boost a retirement plan. A structured settlement annuity might be the best solution for you and your future.

Innovative Settlement Solutions for Plaintiffs and Their Attorneys

At Paramount, we are more than a structured settlement provider. We are a true planning firm. Our advisors are committed to ensuring that settlement proceeds last long after a case is settled, for attorneys and their clients.

Our attorney advisors and planners provide unparalleled support services, helping injury victims and their attorneys navigate the complex legalities surrounding the settlement of cases in today’s personal injury landscape.

Whether you are an attorney seeking to outsource lien reporting and resolution, or are looking for support with case value at mediation, or an injured plaintiff who needs help preserving government benefits after a settlement, Paramount can help.

Professional, Compassionate Plaintiff Advocates

Unlike other firms, we do not represent both plaintiffs and defendant insurance carriers. Paramount’s planning team has earned national recognition for our plaintiff-only advocacy.

We not only offer innovative solutions for maximizing and preserving case proceeds; we also counsel plaintiffs and their families throughout the process. Our distinguished attorney advisors will draft all the legal documents, from the settlement agreement and release to wrongful death petitions, needed to protect the plaintiff in the settlement of the case.

Learn how guaranteed, tax-free structured settlements payments can be used as the foundation to rebuild future lost income, while risk-appropriate market investments can offer long-term growth. Paramount has decades of combined experience helping plaintiffs to achieve their financial goals.

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Planning is Paramount

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