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Lien Resolution
& Medicare Set-Asides

Get More Money for Your Client and Ensure Compliance with Our Lien Resolution and Medicare Set-Aside Services

The distribution of a plaintiff’s case proceeds can be significantly impacted by several factors, including a failure to resolve pre- and post-settlement liens, and non-compliance with government benefit requirements. Get paid faster and enable your client to keep more money from their settlement with our Lien Resolution and Medicare Set-Aside services.

Lien Resolution

Unresolved liens may put your client’s recovery at risk. Pre- and post-settlement liens can delay settlement and may incur significant penalties for you and your client. Our lien resolution services begin with an in-depth intake to determine their outstanding liens.

Our experienced team will coordinate with lien holders to settle matters quickly and efficiently. We can negotiate reductions and waivers, ensure compliance, and reduce liability potential.

Types of liens we can help resolve:

  • Medicare liens
  • Medicaid liens
  • ERISA liens
  • Private healthcare liens
  • VA (Veteran’s Administration) liens

Medicare Set-Asides

If your client is receiving or will soon be eligible to receive Medicare, they must follow strict guidelines to ensure that they do not jeopardize their government benefits. To protect Medicare’s future interests, Congress enacted legislation often referred to as the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) provision.

According to the MSP provision, Medicare is not required to pay for medical services when proceeds from a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim include money for future medical expenses. Medicare would be considered the secondary payer and would only cover medical costs once the settlement proceeds are expended. Failure to comply with this provision could result in your client losing their government benefits and expose you to liability for failure to comply with federal law.

Let our legal and government benefit analysts review your client’s government benefit eligibilities to determine the best method to comply with state and federal guidelines and keep the largest portion of their settlement. Through our partnership with Precision Resolution, we have resolved over $180 million in liens in single-event matters since 2011.

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