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Litigation & Mediation Support

Helping Plaintiff’s Attorneys to Maximize the Settlement Amount

Paramount has become the comprehensive settlement planning firm that plaintiffs’ attorneys across the country are relying upon to assist them in clearing pre-settlement hurdles and to custom tailor financial plans that will secure the plaintiffs’ financial future.
Paramount’s attorney and planning team are well-equipped to help plaintiffs’ attorneys navigate the shifting landscape of personal injury law. From lien resolution and Medicare Set-Aside solutions to providing real-time economic and damages projection at mediation, Paramount can provide you with the tools you need to maximize the settlement amount.

Mediation Support

In the eyes of defense counsel: liability + damages = exposure. Resolution of exposure at a savings (either of potential exposure or cost of litigation) is what motivates the defendant in the mediation room.

Let Paramount help you with our:

  • Jury Verdict Reports
  • Real-Time Adjustments of Economic Projections
  • CPLR §50-A and §50-B Judgment Projections (in New York State)

Settlement Document Generation

Since 2003, Paramount’s attorney team has drafted the settlement documentation required to settle the case and preserve the benefits for the plaintiff. Over this period, we have drafted settlement documents for tens of thousands of cases, with each case presenting its own unique challenges and circumstances.
That is why the plaintiff’s counsel must rely on the guidance of a plaintiff-only planning firm like Paramount to draft these necessary documents. Paramount will combat language in releases that are favorable to the defense and their carrier, further advocating for the plaintiff.

Our attorney team will draft or assist in the drafting of:

  • Relevant Court Orders, Petitions, and Affidavits
  • Settlement Agreements & Releases preserving the benefits of the established settlement plan
  • Qualified Settlement Fund Documentation
  • Trust Agreement Review
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Planning is Paramount

Let’s talk about your needs and goals. Call us at (716) 712-0127 or submit the form and one of our advisors will contact you soon.

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