In the eyes of defense counsel: liability + damages = exposure. Resolution of exposure at a savings (either of potential exposure or cost of litigation) is what motivates the Defendant in the mediation room. By the time you meet at the mediation table, your economist’s projections and damage assessments have likely been exchanged.

Paramount’s Mediation Support Service puts one of Paramount’s advisors in the mediation room with you. Paramount’s inclusion at the mediation table allows us to strengthen and verify your damage (exposure) position by illustrating the following when requested:

  • Jury Verdict Reports
  • Real Time Adjustments of Economic Projections
  • CPLR §50-A and §50-B Judgment Projections (in New York State)

Real Time Economic Projections

You rely on carefully selected experts for economic exchanges, and, ultimately, testimony at trial. In the interim these figures, as well as those prepared by the defenses’ experts, may likely be utilized as a basis for negotiations at mediation.

CPLR §50-A & 50-B Calculations

In New York State, through the use of our highly refined proprietary projection program, Paramount uses §50-A and §50-B Calculations to illustrate the likely dollar exposure to the defendants. Again, these calculations can be altered in real-time so as to ensure that no money is left on the table in your efforts to obtain a favorable settlement.

Our attorney clients get the benefit of no-fee, real-time economic modifications to support the damage projections presented at the mediation table.