Since 2004 when Paul Isaac, Esq. founded Paramount Settlement Planning he has helped tens of thousands of plaintiffs secure their financial future following the settlement of their personal injury lawsuit through the use of structured settlement annuities, trusts, mutual and government bond funds and our Pre-Settlement Planning Service. Today, Paramount is one of the nation’s largest plaintiff-loyal structured settlement annuity and settlement planning firms. Simply stated, no settlement planning firm does more to protect the plaintiff.

Paramount’s Industry Leading Selection and Service

Paramount offers our clients access to the nation’s highest rated life insurance companies. All clients are provided with what Paramount calls a Full Market Survey. This Market Survey is a chart that details the benefits that each life insurance company can offer to you, based on your selected structured settlement funding amount.

Paramount also offers you around-the-clock service and support long after your case has settled, the settlement checks have been cashed and your structured settlement annuity has been funded.

Mission Statement

Paramount is a comprehensive, plaintiff-loyal settlement planning firm. Paramount is dedicated to advocating on behalf of plaintiffs well before their case has settled, and for the rest of their life following the settlement of their case. Our mission is to help plaintiffs make informed choices on how to improve their lives for today, and how to ultimately secure their financial future. Paramount’s President, Paul K. Isaac, Esq., founded the company in 2004 because he saw an opportunity for plaintiffs to drastically improve their lives and circumstances after the settlement of their case. As a [retired] practicing attorney, Mr. Isaac witnessed, on countless occasions, how quickly a plaintiff’s settlement proceeds can dissipate. The unfortunate truth became clear: many plaintiffs fail to wisely protect and invest their legal settlements. Without expert advice, money that could be invested for the plaintiff’s future can disappear at a swift and alarming rate. That is why Paul K. Isaac, Esq., and the rest of Paramount’s advisors take the necessary steps to help protect plaintiffs from the pitfalls of their newly found “wealth”. Paramount’s advisors emphasize the importance of diversification with the settlement proceeds, and illustrate to all our clients how the use of structured settlement annuities can help put plaintiffs’ lives back on track. Paramount gives plaintiffs the confidence to move forward with their lives knowing that their financial future is secure and stable.

Products We Offer:

  • Structured Settlement Annuities
  • Infant Settlement Planning
  • College & Financial Aid Planning
  • Government Benefit Preservation
  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate Guidance and Planning
  • Treasury Bond Structures
  • Government Bond Funds
  • Medicare Set-Aside Guidance
  • Lien Resolution Services
  • Trusts & Referrals to Trust Attorneys

Paramount’s Founder

Mr. Isaac has retired from practicing law and is the current president of Paramount Settlement Planning, LLC. A strategic life planner, Mr. Isaac’s years of experience allow him to anticipate a plaintiff’s long-term financial needs. During Mr. Isaac’s time as a practicing attorney, he helped several clients obtain large settlements and favorable verdicts. In addition to assisting plaintiffs with the strategies for handling settlements from all types of personal injury lawsuits, Mr. Isaac is experienced in navigating the intricacies of complicated life care cases in which Medicaid and Medicare benefits must be preserved. He is also experienced in negotiating all types of liens associated with personal injury cases and their settlements. Mr. Isaac earned both his undergraduate and law degrees from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also holds a life and health insurance license, as well as securities licenses in Series 6, 63, 65 and 7. Mr. Isaac is a member of the Society of Settlement Professionals, the American Association of Justice (formerly ATLA), the National Association of Medicare Set-Aside Planners, the New York State Bar Association, and the Erie County Bar Association.

Paul K. Isaac, Esq.

Managing Partner and Settlement Planning Specialist

Lori Nason

Case Administrator

John J. Riccardi, Esq. MSCC

Legal Analyst

Our Staff

Paramount’s staff is made up of experienced trial lawyers, licensed financial advisors and industry professionals who possess the expertise required to set plaintiffs on the path to a secure financial future while ensuring the plaintiff’s counsel clears all pre-settlement hurdles.

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Did you know that once a General Release has been signed and delivered to Defense counsel, the tax-free benefits that a Qualified Structured Settlement offers may be unavailable? Don’t hesitate; contact Paramount to schedule a Pre-Settlement Planning Consultation today!

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