Paul K. Isaac, Esq. of Paramount Settlement Planning, LLC is an accredited member of the NYSBA and has been lecturing on the topic of avoiding the procedural pitfalls often associated with the settling of a personal injury case throughout New York State for nearly 10 years.

Now Mr. Isaac is bringing two very unique presentations to New York attorneys, in their office, at no charge!

Paul K. Isaac, Esq., immediate past president of the NYSTLA Western Region Affiliate group and managing partner of Paramount Settlement Planning, LLC and Precision Resolution, LLC, is offering a unique and NYS CLE Board accredited course which highlights the most effective methods of maximizing your leverage at the mediation table, challenging purported liens against settlement proceeds, and how to best maximize the value of the settlement award.

Reservations are now being accepted for this offer. To find out more or to schedule a CLE for your firm, please contact Paramount Settlement Planning, LLC at 888.674.0127.

Settling Your Case and Sleeping at Night: The Key to Success in the Mediation of Larger Cases (Course# TRT0488*)


Topics Covered: MSP Compliance, Medicare Liens, Medicare Set-Asides, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid Liens, ERISA Self-Funded Health Benefit Plans and more.

Program Description: This seminar will provide an in-depth overview of concepts and issues which impact the settlement of a personal injury case, including a litigator’s checklist of the pitfalls and land mines of mediation, liens, public benefits, private subrogation claims and structured settlements.

The program will also provide comprehensive updates on statutory and case law developments with regard to lien and subrogation claims including Medicare Conditional Payments, Medicare Set-Asides, Medicare Advantage Plans, self-funded ERISA Health Insurance Plans and Medicaid.

Further, this program offers guidance as well as a methodology for addressing the restrictions imposed by various state and federal public benefit laws and the ethical considerations in resolving these matters.

To find out more about these programs or to book your own Lunch and Learn Seminar, please contact Paramount Settlement Planning at 716-712-0127.

*Course open to newly admitted and experienced attorneys.