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We believe that every plaintiff deserves the opportunity to craft a resilient settlement and benefit protection plan for life following the settlement of their case; a plan that is sheltered from severe shifts in financial markets, provides guaranteed benefits for the unpredictable times ahead and is agile enough to maximize long-term growth.

These benchmarks are achieved because Paramount’s advisors themselves are an essential component of every plan, serving as the plaintiff's uncompromising advocate and guide as they transition from litigation to living - and for life.

Structured Settlements

Trust & Insurance Solutions

Asset Management

A Settlement Protection Trust is one of the most effective ways to preserve settlement proceeds, and other assets while ensuring that the funds are being used for the intended purpose.

For minor or incapacitated plaintiffs dependent upon future care from a parent, partner or guardian, a life insurance policy that covers the untimely passing of care provider may be recommended.

Traditional investment advisory services can offer both flexibility and diversification for plaintiffs looking to complement a comprehensive settlement plan. 

Trust the team at Paramount's preferred registered investment advisory.

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A structured settlement annuity can offer unmatched security for injury victims. Unlike traditional annuities, structured settlements are not impacted by market volatility, providing a fixed and determinable payment stream.

There are also no brokerage fees or ongoing expenses associated with structured settlement annuities, maximizing the benefit to the plaintiff.